The Event



We are in love with what we do

The gravatation seed came in 2014 when Allan Pinheiro and Rafael Bridi were able to experience the European highline festivals with the great and welcoming community of the old continent.

Experiences with people from all over Europe and around the world have aroused the enormous desire to create an event in Brazil that would help to develop the Brazilian and South American community by offering technical and practical knowledge and creating a creative environment, offering multicultural activities that positively add value to the life of each participant of the festival and valuing the harmony living together among all the participants and the nature around us.


In January of 2015 we planted and watered our seed with love and dedication, performing the first edition of the event. The feedback from the highline community could not be better. We welcome people from 8 different nationalities and made our dream come true.

We are going for forth year extremely happy and we are totally grateful to the Brazilian, South American and worldwide highline community for building and strengthening year after year the sustainability of our sport in the country and the world. It is through the dedication, reciprocity, commitment and love of all the participants of the event that we manage to consolidate our roots in a sporting and multicultural event.

We are ready and looking forward to what the future holds.

Welcome to our Gravatás family. Together we are strong!

Light and love.

Gravatation team.